Hotel la Perla Canazei

Jumps, performances and “Cliff” for snowboarding lovers in Canazei

The Val di Fassa is since a long time a must for the tribes of riders. In the valley, there are 5 areas reserved for snowboarders and freestyle skiers, equipped with jumps, rails, boarders and kickers where to indulge in leaps and acrobatic figures in complete freedom and security:

Even for those who practice freeriding, Val di Fassa has an irresistible charm as it is a source of endless paths in deep snow, away from the traditional ski slopes. Amongst the most famous must-try are Val Mezdì and Val Lasties.

Dolomiti Park – Canazei Belvedere

The most modern and trendy Snow Park is located right in the middle of the Belvedere ski area in Canazei and can easily be reached from Hotel La Perla, thanks to the cable car that starts only a few steps away.

Designed in cooperation with the American company Burtom it is the ideal Snowpark for all the levels of riding. Dishes, boxes, rails and the new BigAirBag, a huge air mattress (17×11 metres) able to absorb any jump, attract the most daring riders who set themselves off doing wild turns, jumps and daring stunts, in harmony with the free spirit of the Dolomites.

At sunset the tribe takes a compulsory stop at the Cliff, to let out the energy in music, and share with friends, memories and emotions of an unforgettable day.